Monday, 21 January 2008

Adopting a Rescue Cat

Sometimes cats are returned to us after a couple of weeks, perhaps because they haven't settled as well in their new homes as their new owners would like, or because they are not getting on with the other animals in the household, or because they are still biting etc. etc. etc. Basically, there are as many reasons as there are adopters.

It is important, from the outset, not to have unrealistic expectations from your rescue cat. Please bear in mind that the fact that they are in need of rescuing (particularly if they are adult cats) suggests that they have experienced sad events in their lives, whether it is the death of their
owners, or that their owners no longer want them, or they have been ill-treated, or the owners have moved to a new home where cats are not allowed and so on. Again, there could be any number of reasons why the cats have come in to Llys Nini.

An information leaflet is being prepared to deal with this particular problem and should, hopefully, be available soon.

We need adopters who are 100% committed to their new cat.

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